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Why Timing Is Everything On Tax Day

Tax Day for Americans is here, or at least it will be on Tuesday, April 17. This year is a bit of an unusual year as far as taxes are concerned, since April 15 actually falls on a Sunday. Normal protocol would automatically push the tax filing deadline to April 16,...

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Intent Based Networking Videos

Intent Based Networking Videos Apstra Tutorial: Intent-Based Analytics Probes – Headroom Jeremy Schulman, Developer Advocate for Apstra, provides a brief automation tutorial for Intent-based analytics(IBA) using pre-defined, turn-key IBA probes, with a focus on the...

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Apple Bets Big On ‘Future Stuff’

There’s no one right way to generate hype. With upcoming products, some companies roll out flashy ads for months before a release. Some bank on media product placement or celebrity endorsement, some take it as an opportunity to experiment, while others keep every...

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