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In an effort to continue supporting the global ecosystem’s integration of payments and software, Elavon has agreed to acquire Sage Pay – an established payments gateway in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

This recent announcement follows another acquisition earlier this year in which Elavon acquired software solutions company CenPOS. Already an avid PF supporter with Scoop, its proprietary co-op that supports payment facilitators exclusively, the company has been doing its share to drive the trend of streamlining operations through the collaboration of software and payments, according to the press release

The company, which claims to be the fourth-largest merchant acquirer in Europe has expanded its reach into the UK and Ireland with Sage Pay’s loyal user base. And, the partnership enables the company to further its initiative to drive growth for its customers as the economy continues to sway in a more digital direction.

“We are a customer-focused company that is helping businesses succeed in a global marketplace that is changing rapidly,” said Hannah Fitzsimons, president and general manager of Elavon Merchant Services, Europe via the same release. “This acquisition brings tremendous talent and leading technology to Elavon, which can be leveraged across the European market.”

Sage Pay’s owner Sage Group disclosed financial terms of the deal in the amount of $300 million at today’s currency rate, according to TechCrunch.