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Field services payment facilitator WorkWave announced recently that it has acquired Slingshot, a company that provides call center software and outsourced sales and customer response services to field service companies.

According to the company’s announcement, more than 25% of field service sales occur outside of normal business hours. The Slingshot platform enables businesses to interact with customers through phone calls, SMS messages, emails and chatbot messages. Combined with the Slingshot outsourced team, it allows businesses to respond to customers at all hours and through a variety of methods, potentially boosting conversion rates, the company said. 

“The need to grow their business—to attract, retain, and maximize each customer relationship—is what keeps every field service owner and executive awake at night. Slingshot is not just the market leader at helping its customers grow, it is the only organization of its kind in our industry that has a proven track record of using omni-channel communication software to close more deals for its customers,” said David Giannetto, WorkWave CEO.

“By bringing such an outstanding organization into WorkWave, we will be able to provide unique integrations into our solutions that will increase the unparalleled advantage our customers have over their competition, reinforcing that WorkWave is the premier partner to service organizations.”

“We’re thrilled to be a part of WorkWave’s industry leadership and portfolio of solutions, working together to provide strong, measurable value for our customers,” said Jon Soldan, CEO of Slingshot, who is now SVP of Slingshot Operations for WorkWave.

“Slingshot has always been about enabling conversations and more effective interactions between home service professionals and their customers, and by joining forces with WorkWave, we’ll be able to accelerate our goal of a tech-enabled contact center with 360-degree data and reporting, better scheduling and payment opportunities, and greater conversion for our customers.”

Slingshot is the first acquisition WorkWave has announced since becoming a standalone company in March. At that time, Giannetto told PaymentFacilitator that the company’s new status would likely enable it to become more acquisitive as it sought opportunities to add high-quality, relevant services for its customer base.