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In an effort to help small businesses better manage their scheduling woes, Square has launched Square Assistant. AI-enabled and customizable, Square’s innovative automated booking tool is designed to respond to customers directly regarding all things scheduling.

Square Assistant is the first product to come from the company’s acquisition of Eloquent Labs (a conversational AI startup company) earlier this year.

Designed to take business owners out of the equation completely when it comes to appointment interface, Square Assistant allows customers to confirm, cancel or update current bookings, according to the company’s post

Communication is accomplished via text message with the Square Assistant chatbot and the company claims that preliminary testing revealed a 10% drop in no-shows. According to FastCompany, Square sellers already tend to prefer SMS as the communication modality for customer interaction over email and phone, thus the interface is already comfortable and established.

“Many of our sellers are smaller businesses, and that’s really exciting to us, because small businesses traditionally haven’t had access to enterprise-quality conversational AI,” said Square Product Manager Ellen Blaine via the same FastCompany article.